Viva Mexico

This year, we celebrated a milestone during our annual Girls Trip. Girlfriends since college (for almost 20 years now), we decided to cut up in Cabo San Lucas for our girl’s 40th birthday. That’s the birthday girl in the letter O above.

We planned our 2017 Girls Trip to Cancun and decided to extend the invite to others, but that didn’t work out so well. We ended up at two separate Iberostar resorts because there are so many of them there and some had similar names and that was confusing. We ended up being 45 minutes from each other. So this time around, we stuck with our old crew.

We decided on the Riu Sante Fe even though we couldn’t actually swim on the beach. You could access the beach and set up your chairs, blankets, etc. but if you tried to swim, the lifeguards told you straight up that if you decided to jump in the water they were not coming to save you–those currents were mighty rough. But the resort made up for it with their pool parties. Can you say EPIC!!!

Aside from surviving a surprise tropical storm that flooded downtown Cabo, we decided to zip line as one our activities. Now I love zip lining and have done so many times, but this one was in-freakin’-sane! Not only did we ‘Superman’, we zip lined upside-down, rock climbed and rappelled, and rode UTVs through a canyon; there were random cows down in that canyon and there were a few misses on those UTVs–I’m still baffled on how those cows actually got all the way down there. But the views were absolutely breathtaking. We climbed so high, I thought we’d be in heaven if we went any further. My thighs are still burning from that workout. But the experience is something I’ll never forget. The crew was absolutely amazing and super funny. If you ever find yourself in Cabo, this is something you definitely would want to experience if you’re an adventure seeker. Be sure to check out Cabo Adventures for all of their available tours.

This one definitely goes in the record books! Viva Mexico!!!

Here are more photos from our 40 with Finesse annual girls trip to Cabo.

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And here are some photos from our 2017 trip to Cancun gone wrong!

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