Travel Tip: Traveling with Formal Attire

The other day, a friend of mine who will be traveling internationally as a member of a wedding party, told me she’d be transporting her formal wedding attire in her carry-on baggage because she didn’t trust packing her items in her checked luggage. She feared something crazy would happen in transit and her suitcase would get lost.

So I decided to do some quick research and share some quick tips.

Here are some tips I suggest:

  • Find a nice, sturdy garment bag. Garment bags are necessary for formal clothing items like a suit, formal dress, or a tuxedo. But keep in mind that carrying a garment bag will count as one carry-on item, so if you’re planning to carry any additional items, i.e., laptop/tablet, book, etc., look for a garment bag with exterior pockets to store those additional items if you don’t want to carry and pay an additional fee for a second carry-on item.
  • Use a shower cap or two as a way to pack/wrap your shoes in. No shower cap, a trusty plastic grocery bag will do the trick. We’ve all got a gazillion of those just laying around. 🙂
  • When on the plane, ask a flight attendant if you can store your garment bag in the closet (if there is one). Usually the closets are found in the first class area of the plane.
  • If no closet is available, keep an eye on overhead bins as other passengers are stuffing their items in them. Ask them if they wouldn’t mind you stashing your garment bag on top of their items; that way, your items don’t get crushed.

My friend also mentioned her refusal to ever pack any oil or oil-based products in her suitcase for fear of the item bursting and ruining every single thing in her suitcase. (She’s quite the nervous traveler, if you couldn’t tell.)

With that said, here are some additional tips I’d like to share for those who may feel the same as she does.

  • Visit your local Walmart, Target, CVS or Walgreens and browse their cosmetics aisle for cosmetic cases or try Amazon. (I use a foldable case that has a mesh pocket on one side and a thick plastic pocket on the other. The plastic side is where I store any oil-based or gel items.)
  • If you’re still feeling iffy about packing an oil or oil-based item, try this; find some saran wrap, remove the tops from any other items you may fear might burst or spill, take a bit of the saran wrap and wrap it around the caps, and screw the tops back on. This adds some extra protection and grip on the tops to keep them from mysteriously becoming unscrewed.

Welp, that’s it for me. Hoping you guys find this info somewhat helpful. Until next time…

Happy Travels!

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