Travel Tip: Travel Insurance- Is It Worth It?

Travel insurance is used to cover various unexpected expenses or events that may occur during your scheduled travel. Although some people are willing to risk the chance of booking travel without some type of travel insurance, I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

I’ve booked travel to destinations during hurricane/earthquake and other natural disaster seasons for a bunch of occasions, and this is my primary reason for purchasing travel insurance. Whether it’d be for unexpected medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage, or trip cancellation, having travel insurance (for a minimal fee to your actual travel costs) gives me peace of mind. You just never know what might happen before or during your travel.

You may be surprised to find that a lot of credit card companies offer travel insurance if you use your credit card to purchase your travel and even car insurance agencies, such as AAA and Geico, have travel insurance options available. I would highly suggest to anyone to research online and/or inquire by calling about the travel insurance policies and options available through their current credit card and car insurance companies.

Third-party travel booking sites such as Priceline and Expedia offer travel insurance through partner agencies, so if you’re one to purchase your travel through such third-party sites, take the opportunity to review their travel insurance options. If those options don’t cover what you need, try a Google search for travel insurance agencies.

So, to answer the question of whether travel insurance is worth it, yes it is. To me, it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it! It truly can be a life saver.

3 thoughts on “Travel Tip: Travel Insurance- Is It Worth It?

  1. Nice post. I only buy travel insurance when I’m heading off to a place where I may not really trust the hospitals. I want the ability to be evacuated to any hospital in an emergency. I’m not keen on relying on the medical teams in Zimbabwe, Myanmar or Cambodia! For me, the trip cancellation is just an added bonus (most if my big trips are finance through points and miles, which are relatively easy to recover vs. cash). Cheers!


    1. Totally understand wanting to be evactuated in an emergency. That’s one of the main reasons I refuse to cruise. Don’t want to risk the chance even though I know some of them have the capability. Something about being out in the middle of nowhere freaks me the heck out not knowing how long it’d take to get back to civilization.

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