Travel Tip Update: Mobile Passport App

Hey guys!  I’m back to give you an update on the Mobile Passport Control app.  Super late in making this post…’s been a little crazy lately.

But, I tried it out on my way back from Mexico and it does work.  After logging into the app, I started a new trip and went through the easy steps while on my flight back, took a selfie, and answered each question as instructed and received my receipt within the app itself.

When I landed and approached Customs, I noticed the standard lane was rather short and moving rather quickly but opted to test out how this whole thing worked so I went down the designated Mobile Passport lane, which took about the same amount of time the standard lane did.  Since the standard lane was rather short (which is rare), I really can’t say that using the app is the better option, but I will use it again and make a judgement call the next time I travel and decide which line jump in.  But I do believe it would be helpful in the instance I do run into a long, slow line in the standard lane.

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