Carnival Week in Trinidad & Tobago – Pt. 1

Note to self…never get married during Carnival Week. Here’s my horror story while in Tobago.

A family member of mine decided to get married in Tobago during Carnival Week. Seemed like a wonderful and super romantic idea! Everyone was super excited. We’re picking out our carnival costumes, trying to decide what fancy threads to wear to the wedding, and searching for fun family activities to partake in. I was beyond stoked; as I hadn’t had a real vacation in a while, so I was ready to hop on the first thang smokin’ to the Caribbean.

Red flag #1– Having to catch three different planes to get there that included two layovers each way should have been the first sign that things might get a little crazy. But of course, I was too excited to have any negative thoughts. I was ready to go.

My day of departure.  My first flight was great; had a layover at the Port of Spain that overlooked the gorgeous mountains of Panama. I couldn’t believe my eyes; the scenery was absolutely euphoric! I shot my cousins a quick group text to let them know I’d be taking off again shortly and we’d be partying like it’s 1999 real soon.

Red flag #2– Customs was not prepared nor were they fully staffed to accommodate the abundantly large crowd of people arriving for Carnival Week.

My arrival to Trinidad. The line for Customs was so utterly ridiculous that I couldn’t even see where the start of the line was. It literally took 3 1/2 hours to get through Customs. Never in my life have I ever!!! Not only did I have to pee in the worst way, my feet were so numb from standing in one place for so long, I nearly fell on my face when I tried to take half a step when the line actually moved an inch.

I had no signal the entire time in Customs, so I couldn’t even call or text anyone to give them the scoop on my situation. My only options were to get out of line to find a signal and make a call, or stand and wait it out. I chose the latter; I was not getting out of that line to save my life!

After the long and painful torture of going through Customs, I was finally free. Well at least I thought I was. As I went to check-in for my final flight from Trinidad to Tobago, I realized the time I thought it was, was not the current time. Because there was no signal down in the Customs area, my phone hadn’t adjusted to the local time, so I had missed my connecting flight! Yes, I missed my flight people! Talk about Murphy’s Law. I ended up having to spend the night in the airport, as I had been placed on the very first flight out to Tobago in the morning.

The next morning. I made my flight by the skin of my teeth. I had fallen into such a deep slumber that I didn’t even hear my name being called on the loud speaker. Luckily, the lady that checked me in a few hours before, came looking for me and woke me up. I was pooped.

After such a rigorous day AND night, I had finally made it to Tobago. I took a power nap in my room and from there I was refreshed and ready to explore.

To be continued…

Here are more photos from Carnival Week in Trinidad and Tobago.

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