Travel Tip: Rrrring….Rrrring

Ever shared photos via text message or made a few important phone calls only to return home from an amazing international trip to an outrageous bill? Yeah, me too.  I almost fainted at the sight of my statement highlighting the roaming charges I had incurred during a trip during Carnival week in Trinidad & Tobago. I hadn’t even realized that the WiFi signal I was using was intermittently working until the tail end of my trip, and I was texting any and everyone I could imagine.  Even still, I didn’t think my bill would be too ridiculous.  Boy was I wrong!

After that whopper of a bill, I promised myself that I’d never go overseas without international coverage again.  Since then, I’ve discovered that the major mobile carriers have improved their international calling rates and plans, so I’m sharing some general information about them.

  • AT&T Passport consists of three international plans that consumers can choose from.  The AT&T Passport standard plan is $40, while the Silver plan is $60, and the Gold plan is $120. Each plan offers a one-time charge or a monthly recurring charge.  The great thing about these plans is that you can select the start and end dates of your travel and you won’t be billed until the month following your trip.
  • Sprint’s Open World and Global Roaming plans allow for free, unlimited calling and texting to various countries.
  • Verizon Wireless’s TravelPass offers daily, monthly, pay as you go plans as well as cruise ship rates.

If you’re a consumer of either of this carriers and think you may want or need to make calls or send text messages while overseas, you may want to consider adding one of their international calling plans to your line.  Check out the fact sheets and FAQs each one provides on their websites.

Take it from me since I’ve been one to create a HUGE bill by not opting for an international calling plan in the past. Paying an extra $40 with a plan is completedly better than paying an extra $400 without a plan.

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