Travel Tip: Long Security Screening Line?

In general conversation with some family and friends, I’ve heard some of them complain about the fee for TSA Pre®, and I’m like REALLY???  My response to them has been, “So depending on the airline you choose for your travel, you have no problem paying baggage their fees to and from your destination, but complain about a fee that’s good for five (5) whole years?”   You should see the looks on their faces at that point….PRICELESS!

Have you ever been in the standard screening line and happened to look over your shoulder and see an empty lane with NO LINE?   That’s TSA Pre✓® people!   The super-fast lane for people who’ve enrolled in the program.  The fee for TSA Pre✓® is only $85 and is good for five years. Global Entry has a one-time fee of $100.

My travel life saver has been TSA Pre✓®.   I don’t know what I’d do if that program is ever discontinued. I REBUKE YOU standard screening! FYI, I’m not selling the program, I am simply sharing how much less of a headache it is going through screening having it. Do with this information as you will people – I’m just dropping knowledge here.

If you’d rather stand in line with a bunch of loud and cranky people who love to ram your heels with their suitcases because they’re too busy minding everyone else’s business but their own, then the standard screening lanes are for you.   Look for me and others alike skipping down the empty lane and right on through security chuckin’ up the deuces back at you.

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