Bump me? Yes, please!

So…I was on my way to Boston for a super important conference for work – well at least I thought I was.  Get to the airport, breeze through screening and kick back at my gate waiting to depart.  Plane starts to board and I get in line when my boarding group gets called.  All of a sudden, I heard my name being called over the loud speaker and was being requested along with some other random guy to come to the check-in desk.  So I (being the suspicious person that I am) continued to stand in line as if my name wasn’t called and I’m pondering why in the heck they were calling my name.  Again, I just stood there as if I were stuck in quicksand, only to hear my name over the loud speaker again – that verified that I wasn’t hallucinating, so I sashayed my way over to the desk, backpack in hand with one eyebrow raised ready to give somebody the business if I had to.

The other guy, whom we’ll just call Bob, was already at the desk speaking to the check-in lady who called us.  I rolled up while side-eyeing the lady and told her who I was (in Jeopardy question form in total bewilderment) and she added me into her conversation with Bob telling us, “I’m sorry; we have to bump you guys.”  My response, “Ummm…say what now?”  She slightly chuckled and continued with, “We had a situation last night where another flight was cancelled and left other people stranded so now we have to bump folks from this morning’s flights.”  At this point, my level of pissed-off-tivity was rising; but I kept my cool and let her finish.

She then said, “Because you two were the last to check in, that is the reason you are being bumped, but we will accommodate you and get you on the next flight to Boston.” As my brain processes this information and I’m panicking wondering how in the world I’m going to tell my boss that I possibly won’t be making the first day of the conference because I just got bumped, Bob says, “Well, I’m in no rush, that’s cool.”, but I’m like, “Well uhhhh, I wish I could say the same, but I have a conference I need to get to.” all while check-in lady is steady clicking away on her ancient, slower than molasses computer that looked like it was running MS-DOS looking for new flights to put us on.  After a few moments of awkward silence (as I’m watching the last of my boarding group file down the tunnel and onto the plane), check-in lady says, “Good news!  We have a flight to Boston leaving out of DCA in about 3 hours.” My response, “Uhhhh that’s great, but you do know we’re at BWI, right?”  She chuckled again, which raised my temperature again as this was certainly no laughable moment to me as I, me – The LuXxotic Traveler had never been BUMPED.  But then, the next few things that came out of her mouth were the most unexpected things I could have ever imagined.  She told us that they would shuttle us over to DCA at their cost AND that they would be compensating us $1350 for the inconvenience!  At this point, my heightened levels of anxiety and frustration suddenly turned into what felt like winning the lottery. I said, “Excuse me, say what???” She repeated herself and I looked over at Bob grinning ear-to-ear and I said, “Forget that conference! Cut the check!”  We all fell out laughing!

Fast forward about 45 minutes or so, we finally get our new boarding passes and our checks (feeling like I had just won the Powerball), and are making our way to DCA and I tell my new buddy Bob that we should wait until the last minute to check-in so we can get bumped again.  Sadly, it didn’t happen, but hey, ya can’t hate a girl for trying!  Made it to Boston just in the nick of time – only to arrive to my baggage being nowhere to be found, but that’s another story for another day.  What a way to kick off the July 4th weekend!  Just keeps getting better.

To be continued…

Happy 4th All!!!

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