Welcome to The LuXxotic Traveler blog.

Hey folks!  I created this site to share some of my crazy and most hilarious stories and images through my travel adventures.  Also to share some travel tips I’ve learned along the way.

About my site…

The “Blog” will chronicle my travel experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and I’ll also be including helpful travel resources, tips, and other info I find through research, word of mouth, or discover on my own through my escapades.

Where I’ve Been will feature some of the photos and videos taken during my travels that coincide with my blog posts.

And the About Me and Contact Me pages, well, they pretty much speak for themselves.

So click around, read some stuff, and hit me up with some of your own crazy stories.  I’m always here for a good laugh!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to The LuXxotic Traveler blog.

  1. Wonderful start! Loving the fact that you picked up the courage to start blogging and sharing your thoughts to the readers. Really love the theme that you have chosen for your blog. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


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